Perennial Beds

We design, create, renovate and maintain flower and shrub gardens. This can include soil improvement, mulching, fertilizing and the seasonal addition of annuals, vegetable beds and/or bulbs. We also cultivate native fruit bushes, such as blueberries and raspberries. Our goal is to work with the natural assets of your environment to develop dynamic and peaceful places of beauty.


Our group has experience collaborating to bring the character and grace of landscape rocks to your outdoor setting. We can place individual sculptural stones in your garden, or build more extensive structures like walls, pathways and steps. Additionally, our associate Gail England specializes in the creation and placement of carved "calendar stones", to help balance the earth energies in and around your property.

Garden Photography

Working with a specific garden day-in day-out, season to season, the observant gardener develops a practiced eye toward the myriad changes in a garden's normal life cycle. The exercise of patient watchfulness inherent to our job makes for excellent photographic opportunities; we are simply there when things happen. We photograph gardens to catch all the moods of growth, and document details sometimes missed due to fleeting weather conditions and capricious flower blooms: from moments of quiet spring awakening through deep summer expressions of peak display - then tramping onward the paths of autumn to each garden's imminent slumber.